The Urban List

The Urban List has established itself as a leading source of cultural articles, reviews and news that helps people get the most out of their city. As the business grew, there was a need for a more versatile and engaging website that would provide users with easy access to information. The page templates needed to incorporate advertising space, a range of article components and content that would encourage users to explore the site further.

To meet this challenge, the team decided to create a website that would showcase the brand's amazing photography while ensuring that the content remained easily readable. Our approach involved building the site from the ground up, with a simple yet effective template structure that would enable users to find recommendations and reviews on the go, regardless of their location.

The result is a website that not only highlights the quality of The Urban List's content but also offers users an engaging and seamless experience.


  • Role

  • Lead Designer

  • Agency

  • Deepend

  • Client

  • Urban List

  • Year

  • 2016

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